Beauty Review: Nars Promiscuous Lip set

Hello minna (everyone)!

If you’ve read my ‘about’ page, you will know that I have *ahem* a slight obsession with makeup and beauty. Looking back at my childhood, I cannot recall a time I wasn’t fascinated by makeup. One of my oldest rituals would be intently watching my mother pick out a lipstick from the dressing table in her boudoir, apply it neatly on her lips and then admire the colour.
As the years have gone by, the obsession with make up has evolved into a great love, as I keep looking for products to try out.

While I was still in London, I visited one of my favourite place’s to shop: If you don’t know what Space. N.K is, it is a sort of high-end boutique for makeup and skincare, which stores products from company’s like Kevyn Aucoin, Chantecaille, Diptyque and Acqua Di Parma.

So, as I was doing my usual e-window-shopping, I came across something that made my heart race. It was simply love at first sight. Before my eyes was a Space. N.K exclusive from Nars (if you don’t know much of Nars, you might as well be from Mars-lol, my humour makes me cringe and cry).

ANYWAYS, (somebody needs to stop me from rambling), I saw the Promiscuous Lip set, which includes Nars’ best selling lip pencils for an astonishing price of £30 pounds. The deal was so amazing that I went straight to check-in, without realising that this was a ‘pre-order only’ purchase. I was leaving for Japan that very week so I would have not been able to receive the lip-set on time.
I decided that it was too good to be true anyways and I gave up thinking ‘it wasn’t meant to be, and it was £30, so it wasn’t exactly cheap’. Still double minded I decided to buy it convincing myself that I would somehow manage to get it delivered to me but surely, when I went back to the website I was greeted with this:
out of stock

Lets fast forward to me successfully moving to Japan and buying Christmas presents:
I went to Tennoji (my go-to shopping area in Osaka, since it has everything and it’s relatively near my house). I aimlessly wandered the mall and stumbled upon a store called ‘100 million doors’. It had a set up similar to Space. N.K and I found myself looking at the Nars shadows- until I ended up on my favourite item to purchase-lipsticks.
An assistant came and asked if I wanted to try anything out and soon I found myself applying on a wonderful range of colours, and I felt like I liked them all!

And then I think I finally woke up…I realised that I was indeed trying out the Promiscuous set! I went through a mild euphoric attack and I immediately bought it.

So without babbling about things any further, I shall get into it.
The Promiscuous Set comes in a black pouch with bright blue lips on it which looks like this:
Fotor0105212432(not really sure how I feel about that to be honest-not that I will be using it). The following are in the pouch:

From left to right: Cruella, Never Say Never, Dolce Vita, New Lover, Sex Machine.

Now I have written the names here, even though annoyingly in Japan, the names aren’t used and instead the lip pencils are known through codes.
As you can see, even though these are minis, these lip pencils are pretty big and shall last for a long time. The pigmentation is great, and they are very easy and smooth on application.

Let me start off with the lightest shade- Sex Machine (2452N). Its a light mauve-pink colour which would suit cooler skin tones, since it has a tinge of purple in it. It applies beautifully- almost like a moisturising lipstick. This is perhaps my least liked product out of the bunch because even though it is very pigmented it doesn’t really photograph well. I took pictures from both my cellphone and my SLR and you can’t even tell I am wearing anything on my lips in the pictures that are taken with my SLR. Even though it is a barely there lip colour, it can make you look washed out, so I would recommend wearing another lip product with it. It is definitely not for all skin tones so I have passed this one on to my aunt who is very pale and wears such shades (and surely, she loved it! *score!*).


Now I knew I would love Dolce Vita (2467N) when I first tried it on. It is perhaps one of the best lip colours out there for an ‘everyday’ lip. It is a gorgeous light terracotta colour; a sort of light red-brown. Unlike ‘Sex Machine’, ‘Dolce Vita’ is a colour that is ‘buildable’ (is that even a word?). One layer of application would give you a ‘your-lips-but-better’ colour and a second layer will make your lips slightly redder. This is perhaps the best ‘transition’ lip pencil as its great for day or night.


Out of all of the lip colours in this set, I think I was the most familiar with Cruella (as my friend had introduced it to me before, making it the reason why I was so excited about this coffret in the first place).
Cruella 2454N(how awesome is the name?!) is a definite WOW colour. It is a strong warm-toned red-maroon colour, that would be a great one for those days where you need to look presentable in a rush-a quick eyeliner/mascara combo and BOOM! Cruella!
It’s a head turner, and possibly the most gorgeous red that I own. It might not be for everyone since it is a strong red- you can layer it on but even one application of the lip pencil is enough. It is a sexy red colour, perhaps not for the faint hearted. This would suit all skin colours as its rich and bold, and my friend (who introduced the lip colour to me) has a much darker complexion compared to mine and it looks amazing on her.


The Last Lip Pencil in the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil collection is Never Say Never 2472N(Justin Beebs anyone?) it’s a purple-pink lip colour-probably the most ‘on trend’ shade of the bunch. It is a beautiful colour, however I think I was expecting a little bit more from it.
I am in love with purples right now, and even though this is pretty it perhaps lacks the ‘oomph’ factor as it is more pink than purple. I do like to wear this pencil with other lip colours I have (going to post about that soon). I would recommend this if you’re new to wearing cool shades or purples on your lips, since it is a soft purple and it’s easy to wear.

Finally, this set has one Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil- something I initially wished wasn’t a part of the set but I was very pleasantly surprised. The dark horse of the set, New Lover (9102) is a beautiful shimmery shade. It gives all the benefits of wearing lip gloss without being overly sticky. For someone who isn’t a lip-gloss fan (matte all the way!) this made me reconsider my reservations. New Lover is a bit…tricky to explain. Even though it is a coral-pink shade with tiny golden glitter in it (enough to add shine without being obvious), it can look very different depending on the lighting/use of flash. As you can see in some photos it looks warm and in others it looks almost purple… New Lover is perhaps the ‘prettiest’ shade in this coffret and because of its nature of changing its colour based on lighting, it will suit probably all skin tones.

In summation, I would really recommend this impressive coffret. Grab it if possible- as it is limited edition. It would make a great present to either yourself or to anyone you know who would be into makeup. It’s a great collection of lip pencils as it caters to different make up looks and skin tones; its a definite all-rounder.

In Japan the set is for 5200 yen (around 5 pounds more expensive than the Space. N.K price).

Phewwww, that was a long post! Thanks for reading and I hope this gives you the information you need concerning this wonderful set!

-Aki. :)

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